Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here's what I'm say'in...

Valley Painters...When friend and artist Kathie Wheeler saw that this group was forming, she sent me this manifesto that Stuart Fullerton, artist and lawyer, wrote for the Plein Air Painters of Chicago. I read it and instantly realized that this is exactly my thought when forming the Valley Painters group.

I am enlivened by the amount of " irreverence, entitlements, not-required-ments, and of course... benefits" contained in the list. I don't believe in idolatry, but I'm damn close to changing my mind about this... Paint on!

Stuart will be in Door County next week as a participating artist so I hope to meet him then. With Stuart's permission I post this manifesto for you to read... Enjoy.

PS... I have to include an image to make it a real blog post, so...

'Long May We Paint'

We're often asked, as we paint, "Who are you? Is this a class?" Here is the beginning of an answer.
By tradition and design, the PAPC has been a free, voluntary, informal association of artists who paint together on Saturday mornings in the Chicago area.

Whoever shows up to paint is by virtue of that amazing fact a member of our group and is entitled to all of the privileges, benefits and emoluments of such membership.

The privileges and benefits, and the accompanying responsibilities, which accrue to a member of the PAPC include the following:

1. he is entitled to freeze his butt off in the winter on Milwaukee Avenue while the snow makes his brushes soggy and ruins his "snowscape";

2. she is entitled to be bitten by flies at the Montrose bird sanctuary because she forgot her bug spray and wore shorts instead of long pants;

3. he is entitled, but not required, to submit his painting to a loosely structured, often rambling and self-contradictory, critique by other painters at the end of the morning, bearing in mind to take what he needs and leave the rest;

4. she is entitled to participate as much as she wants in the critique of others' paintings, politely keeping in mind that every painting, however buggered it may appear, is "salvagable";

5. he is not required to pay any dues, swear any oaths, or adhere to any persons, foreign or domestic;

6. she is entitled to exhibit plein air paintings, in whatever medium, in our group shows, keeping in mind not to spend all of her earnings in one place;

7. he is not required, but freely may, assist in any joint undertakings of the group, most notably in hanging our shows and getting the word out in the manner of a carnival barker;

8. she is entitled to, and by all rights will, grouse about going to Montrose or Humboldt Park "again," as long as she herself puts forward the occasional suggestion about where to paint;

9. he is not required to join the Palette and Chisel, or as it is also known, Peyton-on-Dearborn;

10. if she paints with us one time only, on only the balmiest summer morning in June, and never paints with us again, she may forever call herself a member--since she is going to do so anyway, and how would we stop her;

11. he is not subjected to committees or elections or drafting of by-laws, since all such things make his head hurt worse than looking at a "Kinkade;"

12. she is expected, always, to share her method of gluing linen to board or her method of mixing a tricky shade of green;

13. he is not expected to go out of pocket on behalf of the group, but if he does so in connection with a show or some other incidental expense, he must have the good grace to either frankly seek reimbursement from others or not to complain about it--we do not keep books.

Long may we paint.
-Stuart Fullerton


Les Stones said...

Sounds like a really good group to paint with, despite the strict rules . . . shame I can't make it as I live on the wrong damm continent!

Roxanne Steed said...

I'm at least in the same continent, but wrong state, phooey. LOVE this set of rules/guidelines/well heck- common sense! Glad I came across your blog!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Continents... Shmontiments!!! Just get on a good fast aeroplane and come and paint!!!

Roxanne... YOU can make it, you're close! :)

Roxanne Steed said...

hahah- it just might be worth planning another epic 'road trip' one of these days! I usually stick to the east coast, but perhaps a trip inland for a new vista....?

Marc R. Hanson said...

Well... okay... Hey... if you aren't doing anything in February, think about the opening for the Convergance: Cape Cod group show at Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, MA. I think I'm going to make it out there this time.

Roxanne Steed said...

wow- that looks like a really great show to see! (and the drive up isn't that bad, esp. in the off-season!) It's on the calendar- I hope to see it! Thanks for the scoop!

Wendie Thompson said...

This indeed my be the best way of herding butterflies yet!

Susan Novak Art said...

I'm on the right continent, and in the right state, and heading up to N. Wisconsin to spend the weekend with family. Stillwater isn't far out of my way, so I'm going to try to make it.

Since there are no rules, I'm assuming that If it's really cold and windy and I paint in my car I can still come. Is it plein air if I crack the window? I'm getting too old to freeze my butt off in the cold. I'm remembering your workshop several yrs. ago, painting at Ritter Farm Park. I was holding brushes in my left hand, at least I thought I was. My hand was so numb from the cold that they were all laying in a pile beneath me in the snow.

Susan Novak Art said...

I'm not sure why google has given me a new name - It's just Susan Novak used to be Williams.